Repeated Mistakes Lack a Proper Strategy

I recently read a quote from Paulo Coelho, “And a mistake repeated more than once is a decision.” That quote, however, is missing part of the story behind mistakes and why they happen.

I don’t actually agree with the quote. You see, a mistake repeated more than once failed to have a proper post-mortem, which could prevent that mistake from happening again. A post-mortem is a process where, after failure, a team gets together to blamelessly discuss what went wrong, and what lead to to ultimate mistake or failure. It’s an important procedure to have in place when something – anything – goes wrong, because it allows the team to get to the root cause. Mistakes happen. And often. And in business, it can be hard to pinpoint the cause – UNLESS everyone works together to dissect the issue

Even better, when trying something new, run a pre-mortem to weed out some mistakes before they happen. A pre-mortem is a similar process, but ahead of a new idea or venture. The pre-mortem can root out problems before they happen by forcing the team to think about everything that can go wrong, and to plan for it. But rest assured – mistakes happen. And are repeated unless the proper strategy is set in place.

It can be overwhelming for businesses to create plans for preventing and analyzing failure, but Innovative Revolution has a team ready to help. We have worked with over 300 startups and growing businesses, and recently decided to focus our work on larger corporations who are struggling with ideas, mistakes, and a lack of innovative culture. We can create a one-day workshop, provide a one-week team consulting, run a two-week company-wide culture assessment, build a team and teach them to turn ideas into action with our 100 day program, or we can tailor a strategy for your specific needs. Our services are broad enough to fit your need, but specific enough to enact action and results in your business.

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