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Innovative Revolution is a consulting firm for disruptive and emerging technologies, and the businesses who want made them happen.  We are not your typical consulting firm – we take a focused approach to innovation and culture from strategic planning through implementation.  With our nearly 20 years of proven innovative expertise, we like to help your company to disrupt, think differently, and get better results.


In 2003, Nicole Royer founded Start-Up with Nicole, which focused on helping startups and small businesses build, fix, and grow their business. For the next ten years, she and her team helped entrepreneurs to create sustainable companies by learning the proper steps of innovation and ideation. For the five years following, Start-Up with Nicole grew to help companies of all size, and started focusing more and more on intrapreneurship/corporate entrepreneurship and company culture as a way to build additional sustainability. By implementing design thinking methods, intentional culture building, and training employees to think like entrepreneurs, Nicole and team grew their business – and in 2018 the business outgrew the Start-Up with Nicole brand.

They decided to move forward as Innovative Revolution with a focus of helping business in the Banking and Financial, Outdoor Sports, Food and Beverage, Governments and Municipalities, Education and Manufacturing industries increase their product and service offerings, develop new lines of business and entire separate entities, and improve internal processes and operations through their services.

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Banking and Financial • Outdoor Sports • Food and Beverage

Governments and Municipalities • Education • Manufacturing

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