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A little about the way we do things:

Our foundations set us apart and bring us together.

We believe that you know your company best, and that we will learn how to help by the right asking questions to lead us on our path.  We value honesty and transparency, and believe that the best way to learn is through mistakes.  We know that the customer, employee, and leader are always right – as long as they are open to seeing the situations objectively from each other’s perspective.  We trust that good company culture is curated over time, and is ingrained deeply in everyone who touches that brand.
Creativity is a learned skill, not an innate talent, and anyone can learn anything with the right mentor.  Having a “yes, and” attitude will ensure an open mind.  Ideas are worth their weight in gold, but only with the right strategy behind it.  A diverse set of minds solving a problem is far more successful than a oneness of minds.  Disagreeableness with conviction and kindness is a highly valued trait.  Testing, trying, learning, recording, and knowing when to change direction are the heart of any process.  Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship is invaluable to a company, as long as they know how to facilitate and nurture it.
Our mentors are the doers, the thinkers, the artists, and the number crunchers.  Math is beautiful when it helps us understand.  Our hope for your company is excellence.  We want you to succeed, and believe that we can help you move closer to that goal.  Our methods are direct, honest, and approachable.  We believe that humans are flawed beings and by speaking our truth and experience can help others, in and out of the workplace.
These methodologies come from experience, from testing new ways of doing things, and from two decades of experimentation.  We have learned from the best, read books from those smarter than us, and paved our own way of approaching innovation through trial and error.  Our belief is that doing things different – a little more hands on than the traditional consulting firm – sets us apart in positive ways.

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