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Without a goal-driven innovative strategy, your ideas sit there indefinitely.

Goals ↔ Strategy ↔ Team ↔ Culture

How many times have you, as a leader, reminded your employees that ideas are welcome?  Maybe you set up an “idea” box, have an open-door policy for discussions, or discuss problems and potential solutions in executive meetings.
This is how many businesses treat innovation – ideas that sit in a box, visited by the upper levels of the company occasionally, and rarely moved forward due to bureaucracy, lack of time, lack of focus, or lack of funding.  In companies across the globe, great ideas and gathering dust because there is no process, and especially no goal setting toward accomplishing true innovation.
Goal #1: Build a culture that supports innovation and ideas
Goal #2: Build a strategy around how to brainstorm ideas
Goal #3: Build a diverse team (or teams) of individuals with different experiences and expertise
Goal #4: Build a process to identify solutions and test ideas
Goal #5: Build, test, and create a cost-saving or profitable solution
This list is the basis – the bare basis – of beginning innovative goal setting.  Goals without a process serve about as much purpose as ideas sitting in a box: they cannot work unless you do.  This is overwhelming to many companies, and rather than face it and develop a solution, they stick to status quo.
With Innovative Revolution, we don’t have all of the ideas or all of the solutions, but we do have the experience to help put strategy to what you know and do best.  We can help you to not only set goals toward innovative solutions, but we can help to build the right culture, teach how to brainstorm, curate the best team, create a solution and test it in a sprint, then take that solution to market. 

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