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We can work onsite or virtually with your company from a 1-day workshop through a 100-day full innovation program.  We currently offer different packages (below) of different focuses and durations based on the most common needs, but if needed, can create a tailored innovation and culture program for your business.


With Innovative Revolution, you receive a full scope of solutions to create a cohesive, successful innovative culture within your business.  We start from wherever your company is and analyze the current situation.  From there, we run an innovation and culture audit and appraise the current and potential positioning of your company’s innovative edge. We create a strategy that includes using key members of your staff (stakeholders and executive leadership, a dedicated innovation team, cross-departmental staff, and legal) in create and integrate the solutions, both internally and externally, and to protect your company by managing the risk that comes with big ideas.


Let us help to create, build, and fix your business’ innovative culture.


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