innovation culture is what companies need now

We don’t get ideas, we make ideas.  Is your business discovering unmet customer needs and creating ideas to solve them?


After a company succeeds in building the right culture, they can then build an innovation team.  Working with your team can be a great way to get started on the right path to building a future-proof, customer-centered business, but if you don’t have an existing, dedicated innovation or intrapreneur team, then we can help you build one.

As a human resources manager, you know how hard it can be to create the right culture within your company.  Developing talent and retaining them is important, and you understand that without building culture intentionally into your business’ everyday activity, it won’t stick.

With Innovative Revolution, we can help you to future-proof your talent pool and develop a toolkit that will help to train and continue professional development around innovation in your business.  Once we establish what it takes to create the right culture, we can focus on:

  • Hosting a company-wide Innovation Day
  • Help your company understand how to create innovation within their role
  • Analyze how hungry, humble, and smart your employees are (and the importance of knowing this information)
  • Assessing the environment to tweak your culture strategy
  • Getting everyone to embrace the new culture with trust and vulnerability
  • Build an inclusive and diverse culture and hiring practices by analyzing what’s missing

Understanding what happens to ideas within your company will help everyone feel responsible for and on board with the company’s innovative culture.  Creating the right culture for your business and industry will keep your staff from feeling like they can’t think outside the box or create solutions that have the potential to save money with internal problem-solving, and by meeting customer needs in a better way.

Understanding How to Create Innovation

Need a little more insight into how to create innovation within your company?  We can help you to identify areas of opportunity and give you solid advice using proven methods and cases to get your business heading in the right direction to create innovation.

Companies with highly aligned innovation strategy and pro-innovation culture

report 30% improvement over companies without both.

Booz and Co (2011)

Creating a Trusting Culture

Without trust, your team and company won’t make it very far.  We help to create a trusting culture that gets work done.