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innovation takes practice

Businesses need inspiration and strategy to kickstart their innovative culture.


Getting a grip on how to accelerate innovation in your business can be overwhelming.  A one-day internal conference focused on getting your team on board with a changing culture, giving them the tools they need to generate ideas, and working company-wide on how to turn ideas into internal and external solutions is a low-risk way to get started.

In our Innovation Day, we cover:

  • How to select a diverse, focused team
  • Understanding and moving past failure
  • Brainstorming and how to handle ideas
  • Running the right analysis at the right time
  • Pivoting from the wrong direction
  • Conflict and overcoming confirmation bias

Throughout the day, your team will reinforce each step of the innovation strategy with fun, hands-on activities.  By the end of the day, each participant will have a clear cut strategy to implement what they learned.  Many times, professional development falls short and employees aren’t sure how to use what they learn – and with Innovation Day, our goal is to create a team-wide or company-wide playbook that fits your unique experience and culture.

After participating in an Innovation Day at your company, your team will be ready for the next steps, which may include an in-depth culture analysis.  If you need help creating the right team to move your ideas forward, or if you need someone to lead the company toward new ventures and better internal and external solutions, we can help long-term.

What is innovation?

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We can explain exactly what an innovative culture and strategy can do for your business.

Future success

is very dependent on innovation according to 84% of companies.

McKinsey Global Study (2010)

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