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Understanding is the beginning of any solution

Anyone can learn how to be innovative. It’s a practice, not an innate talent.

Creating innovation comes from first understanding what being innovative means.  Once we define it, then we can try to understand how to create it.
Innovation comes from defining a problem, researching the cause of the problem, proposing a solution, outlining and creating the prototype of the solution, then testing the prototype with the people affected by the problem.  This approach seems straightforward, and it is, but its success depends on the people involved, the cost of the problem, and the customer’s value of solving that problem.
We look at approaching ideation and solving problems in a few different ways in order to create innovative solutions:
  • what areas are causing issues, are repeated often, or interrupt the ability of internal employees to do their work
  • what do our current customers think of the solutions we offer, and how often are we receiving feedback
  • how can we reach our current customers in a better way
  • how can we create solutions for those we aren’t currently reaching
  • how do we impact more people positively outside of our walls
By focusing on these questions and their answers, we can begin to brainstorm ideas and create innovative solutions.

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